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ohio wooster kitchen bakeware baking

Bakeware – If you bake early and often, from the holidays to every day, you want to use long-lasting quality pans for your favorite treats: pans and dishes made from cast iron and porcelain sturdy enough for the oven; cake pans, cookie sheets, and roaster oven sets, some with non-stick surfaces; today’s versions of casserole dishes, pie pans, and souffle dishes.  All are beautifully designed and colorful enough to use straight from the oven to the dining room table.

ohio wooster kitchen cookware pans

Cookware – From simmer to sizzle, creating healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals at home depends on quality cookware: pots and pans designed for use on gas, electric, or induction cooktops; pots for sauces, steaming, and boiling; and pans for frying, sautéing, and grilling in many different shapes and sizes. All are made from metals combined and treated for maximum cooking effectiveness and long-term durability.

ohio wooster kitchen drinkware glassware

Drinkware – Most of us drink as often as we eat, if not more, and quality drinkware is just as important to your table service for everyday meals or elegant dinners. Select from drinkware made of quality materials such as crystal, non-lead crystal, glass, and stoneware that are designed for beauty and to bring out the flavors and nuances of the desired beverage: variety-specific wine glasses, beer glasses, and “repurposed” wine bottle glasses; decanters; stoneware mugs; kettles and other equipment for coffee and tea; and related storage units and bar/waiter’s tools.

ohio wooster kitchen knives cutlery

Knives and Knife Sets – From peeling, chopping, and mincing to boning and slicing, so many kitchen prep tasks can be done with a good, sharp knife that there’s no reason not to buy the best-quality knife you can find: knives and other cutting tools created with durability, efficiency and balance as the core requirements; knife sharpeners and storage units to keep your knives in top condition.

ohio wooster kitchen small appliances

Kitchen Electronic Appliances – Countertop appliances can add variety to your menus and efficiency to your cooking routine. Want to start the day with a cup of freshly-ground and freshly-brewed coffee or a super nutritious green smoothie made in a high-powered blender? Do you prefer a toasted bagel or waffles? And do you enjoy baking so much you need a stand mixer or a hand mixer? No matter what’s on the menu, there’s an appliance to help you make the best.

ohio wooster kitchen specialty gourmet foods

Specialty Foods & Beverages – Just because you love to cook from scratch doesn’t mean you don’t love to try something new once in a while. We carry a variety of gourmet spices and seasoning mixes, baking mixes, chocolate, condiments, olive oil, vinegars, coffees and teas sourced from local farmers and from around the world to help you create unique meals.

ohio wooster kitchen gadgets tools

Chef’s Tools – Before you can cook a great meal, you have prep work to do, and you need good tools to get the job done: graters, spatulas, scoops, openers, mixing bowls, splatter screens, timers, thermometers, cookbooks, floor mats, and much more.  If you love to bake, you can find help from cookie cutters to pie shields, pastry blenders to whisks, and measuring cups of all sizes.  And don’t forget to look for specialty tools, such as sushi mats, nutmeg graters, silicone lids, mortars and pestles, and other useful items that make your kitchen work seem more like pleasure!

ohio wooster kitchen textiles

Textiles – Presentation is a key element in enjoying a great meal, and it’s the little details that count: colorful placemats and napkins at the dinner table, vibrant and absorbent dish towels and cloths, and even the beautiful and long-lasting textile products used before and after serving dinner. You might even find yourself enjoying the process of cooking and getting food to the table when you wear a brightly colored and fun apron and a matching pair of oven mitts!