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Meet The Owners

ohio cooking kitchen store

TODAY’S KITCHEN STORE is the product of Rick’s passion for cooking with local and seasonal ingredients and Cheryl’s desire to start up a new retail business to promote their community and provide a unique shopping experience. After years of traveling to and from jobs outside of the area where they lived, the time was right for the Davis’ to join the revitalization of the historic downtown.

Sharing a strong desire to give back to the community that supported and nurtured their family, Rick and Cheryl decided to combine their skills and establish a kitchen focused retail store that would promote better health and creative food experiences by sharing information and products with the public. With the help of the Main Street Wooster organization and the guidance of a well-respected local building developer, Bill Erdos and several other existing business owners, the kitchenware store dream became a reality. Through Rick’s careful selection and purchase of products with the newest technologies and designs, distinctive and well-made kitchenware products are now available both locally and ONLINE to meet your needs. The result is the very special TODAY’S KITCHEN STORE that opened in August, 2010 and is located in a beautifully restored building on the square in downtown Wooster.

Today, Rick and Cheryl continue to manage the store, oversee an interactive Cooking Classes program, and participate regularly with several local business and non-profit organizations such as Main Street Wooster, Wayne County Women’s Network, People-to-People Ministries, Festa Italiana, and other local fund-raising initiatives. With over two dozen active instructors, well-respected local food bloggers, and occasional nationally known TV chefs, TODAY’S KITCHEN STORE has become a destination for all things kitchen related.